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Why I wrote my Book
“It’s Not Quite How I Pictured It"

Now it all makes sense.

Question: What do you do? The aftermath of the Banking Crisis had hit and work had slowed to a trickle. Answer: Clear out the time-capsule known as the garage for the first time in 30 years, and in the process rediscover your long lost negatives from the 1960s. Well, that's what I did.

After starting to digitise the negs, someone suggested I write about each shot, so I did that too, and a book was born, even if a little premature.

As a complete novice I was bound to make mistakes, the main one being that I threw everything at it, including the proverbial kitchen sink. It became quite a tome. It all looked very happy laid out on my computer, but my eagerness to see it in print got the better of me and I had my first-ever run of books made - this was my cart before the horse moment.

A little later I wangled a European Union grant (they know how to fritter away your money). This paid for a top Intellectual Property lawyer to clarify the use of certain images in the book. Then a London based creative specialist imparted her extensive wisdom in my direction and also arranged for a well known national newspaper columnist and writer to review and edit down my book.

When this was done a decision was made to go down the eBook route. The high cost of printed book production, with all my photographic content, was a little too much for someone who wouldnt be invited to promo his book on the One Show - and I doubt Richard and Judy would have been any more helpful. The risk of ending up insulating the loft with several thousand copies of the book had swung it.

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