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Photography over five decades

Before you ask - no, the blue E-Type Jag is not mine sadly - the two cameras are though. I'd bought my first pro camera, the twin lens Yashica, when I was at art school. My nomadic urban photography started almost immediately. The aftermath of war was still very much in evidence and throughout the 60s when England’s social revolution was at its height, I captured what are now my vintage shots, on the city streets of Coventry, across the Midlands and in Bristol. There was no master plan and the images were simply my reaction to life as it happened, shot on an art student’s whim and limited budget.

Back then I used Ilford and Kodak roll films, including HP4, HP5 and Tri-X, and the grainy look of the bigger enlargements is characteristic of pictures from those times – adding that ‘retro magic’ that has become so fashionable. Today my street photography still has no master plan, just a viewpoint on modern life, processed through the radically different camera equipment of a new digital age.
During my first decade in business, in the mid 60s, I also became the photographer for Theatre in Education productions at Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre.The Belgrade pioneered Theatre in Education - I just took the photographs. See More
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